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Best Baseball Gloves For Left Handed Throwers


Being left-handed may sound cool and unique, but it comes with its own set of challenges. As for left-handed baseball players, their distinctive way of playing can sometimes be beneficial and challenging. In a specific position, lefties enjoy a competitive edge that their right-handed competitors won’t. However, it’s not all fun and games because when it comes to suitable gloves, finding them can be difficult.

Some gloves are for right-handers, while others are designed for both-hand variations. But the amount of gloves made, particularly for left-handed players, is relatively lesser. Since the pool is small, weeding out the chaff and landing on the best baseball gloves for left handed throwers can be easy.

We have listed some options for baseball gloves that left-handed throwers may find interesting. Since you may find it overwhelming to research from scratch, how about saving time and effort? So, keep reading and see if you can find the best bet per your preferences.

List of the Best Baseball Gloves for Left-Handed Throwers:

1.     Beoub Baseball Softball Glove Pro Real Leather Youth Adults Men Women Outfield Infield Fielding Glove:

Our first product in the list of the best baseball gloves for left-handed throwers is the fielding glove by Beoub. This glove is available in numerous unique and eye-catchy styles and appealing colors to make you stand out during the game. According to the sellers, the glove is perfect for players who prefer a different and stylish glove. In addition, it is said to have been made using high-quality full-grain leather, which must tell you a lot about its performance. If you are searching for a glove for your big games like baseball and softball, check out this Beoub glove.

Another impressive quality mentioned about this item is the zero shock palm pads to protect throwers’ hands. It means the throwers are likely to feel comfort and safety while using the glove, which is extremely important to focus during a big game. In addition, the glove offers 80% factory and 20% player break-in. It implies that the manufacturers have already done most of the job for you, and you’ll get ready-to-use gloves out of the box. For added comfort, it is said to have foam filled in the finger so players can effortlessly enjoy their game. Throwers can create a deep pocket for catching the ball conveniently.


  • Fashion design
  • High quality
  • Easy break-in
  • Additional comfort

  • Received a complaint for the glove being thin

2.     Shoeless Joe Golden Era Fielders Gloves for Left Handed Throwers:

Here is another excellent option for baseball gloves with little to no break-in time. Unlike other gloves, these gloves offer a quick outcome, requiring you to be patient for some time to achieve a break-in. In addition, the glove is said to have been designed using 100% Antique Tobacco Tanned cowhide. Furthermore, to provide softened leather, the glove is claimed to be hand-rubbed using old-time ingredients. This indicates that the manufacturers have considered customers’ comfort while designing the product.

The overall design offered by the gloves gives off professional player vibes and is designed to be taken to the field at any level of play. Moreover, this product is described to be unisex, which means both men and women can use it for their games. Playing with the old-style glove can be a lot of fun and a great reminder of how people of the past used to play. This product has gained a lot of customer praise and positive reviews. However, one of the concerns about the glove was that it took time to break in, which is different from what the sellers claimed or the experience that other customers shared.


  • Leather material
  • Little break-in time
  • Old-school cool look
  • Unisex design

  • Received a complaint for taking time to break in

3.     Wilson 2023 A500 Youth Baseball Glove:

The Wilson youth baseball glove is claimed to be an ideal choice for youth baseball players who, at each position, see the time. Featuring the iconic H-Webb by Wilson to corral the ball, this glove comes in a leather construction for a lightweight and durable feel. In addition, the glove is said to have black top-grain leather as well. Our analysis shows that the product is specifically designed for youth players and offers a Quick Fit Wrist electric system that can adjust to hug your wrist. Furthermore, the finger stalls are made to be narrow and short of providing the glove’s steady control to the players.

The dual welting offered by these Wilson gloves is of more value than just a mere cosmetic effect. It is said to have been integrated into the liners of all outfield, infield, and pitcher’s models, which can help provide better support. As a result, your gloves may hold the shape better with time. Another quality of the best basketball glove for left-handed throwers is that it should be lightweight so players can feel comfortable wearing it. The gloves by Wilson offer a light design and long-lasting performance. This sounds pretty impressive.


  • Leather construction
  • Rolled dual welting
  • Quick fit wrist
  • Offers support to the players

  • Received a complaint for not lasting long

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4.     Rawlings | Sandlot Gloves for Left Handed Throwers:

Regarding baseball accessories, Rawlings is a well-known brand that produces quality products. This brand provides the official gloves for Major League Baseball, so trusting it for the quality is a good idea. You won’t be surprised to see its glove among the best baseball gloves for left-handed throwers. The new baseball gloves of Rawlings’ Sandlot Series are said to feature an oiled pull-up leather that gives off certain vintage vibes. According to the sellers, this feature can also make the required break-in minimal. Pro-style patterns are added to the gloves to add a further enhanced look.

What’s more, the gloves offer extra protection to the players by featuring zero shock palms along with padded finger back linings. Nobody would want to compromise on comfort and safety regarding big and important games. If you are looking forward to playing and giving your best in the field while having utmost protection and unmatched comfort, this product might help, not to mention the design of these gloves that can boost your confidence with a classic feel. Another great feature the brand offers is that these gloves are 90% broken in already.


  • Classic feel
  • Zero-shock palm
  • Padded finger back lining
  • 90% broken-in

  • Received a complaint for having an odd shape

5.     Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Gloves – RTP Youth Tee Glove:

The Franklin Sports glove is claimed to be the perfect choice for young baseball players. It offers a lightweight and super soft construction so your young ones can ace the game and stand out in the crowd by catching and throwing indoors and out. According to the sellers, the glove comes with its super soft foam baseball, so players have everything they need to get their game going. Every famous player starts from somewhere, and trying out the RTP Teeball glove can help take the initial steps. Plus, it doesn’t,

Due to the ready-to-play construction, these gloves can go right from the shelf. The gloves come with a tee-ball-fit wrist closure for further control and adjustability. As per the sellers, the gloves use lightweight PVC so that young players can feel the utmost ease and comfort. These gloves already offer some of the primary factors to look for in the best basketball gloves for left-handed throwers. In addition, the gloves offer a unique color scheme so both girls and boys can choose their favorite one as they desire.


  • Lightweight
  • Designed for youth
  • Includes foam ball
  • Comfortable and soft

  • Its size might be too small for some players

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FAQs about The Best Baseball Gloves for Left-Handed Throwers

  • What gloves do you need for a left-handed baseball player?

Although the market is full of gloves designed for a right-handed player, there are few choices available for lefties too. Even though the choices are fewer, some brands considered the struggles of left-handed throwers and designed baseball gloves, especially for them. Some famous brands include Rawlings, Wilson, Marucci, and more.

Before buying the gloves, you should be aware that the right-handed gloves should be worn on the left hand and vice versa. The hand the player uses to throw the ball is designated on the glove’s label, and please distinguish it from the hand used for collecting the ball.

  • Is there an ambidextrous baseball glove?

Yes, ambidextrous baseball gloves are also available in the market. These are unique kinds of versatile gloves that are designed for players who have a unique ability to use both hands to throw a ball. The ambidextrous gloves are made to fit both hands with the help of a contoured fit and adjustable strap.

Some brands that offer ambidextrous gloves include Rawlings, Akadema, and more. However, these gloves may only be suitable for some because being able to use both hands is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Are lefties more valuable in baseball?

Yes, left-handed pitching has been considered more beneficial in professional baseball for a long time. Teams value lefty pitchers more, as they can help get a competitive edge over opponents. Several famous players like Ken Griffey Jr. and Babe Ruth played with their left hands. A study conducted in 2016 by the University of Southern California found that left-handed batters had an advantage over right-handed batters, specifically regarding batting average and on-base percentage.

Even though there was a rise in left-handed hitters due to their value to their teams, their average batting power is lower than that of right-handed hitters. Hence, the study concluded that there is no clear evidence of the hand being better at holding a bat than the other. Each batter has a unique set of skills and comes with its weaknesses and strengths.

  • Which hand does a left-hand throw glove go on?

The left-hand throw gloves go on the right hand, which are made to be used in the right hand for left-handed players. Similarly, players who throw with their right hand must wear the glove on their left hand.

  • How do you tell if a glove is right or left-handed?

When it comes to left-handed gloves, they usually feature a long pocket to help left-handed players close the glove around the ball quickly. As for right-handed gloves, they typically feature a smaller pocket, which can help the right-hand players quickly transfer from their glove to the throwing hand.


Although finding the right glove for left-handed players is difficult, but possible, several good-quality gloves can take your game to an entirely next level. Our research for the best baseball gloves for left-handed throwers was helpful and saved you some time. You are recommended to do thorough research after considering your personal preferences, needs, and expectations and clear your doubts (if any) before placing an order. If there is a query that confuses you or overwhelms you, feel free to contact us by leaving a comment below. Lastly, thank you for showing interest; we hope you find the right product and ace the game.

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