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Dodgers Hire Chris Archer As Special Assistant


The Dodgers have hired Chris Archer as a special assistant in their baseball operations department, as the righty himself tells Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It doesn’t seem as though he has a clearly defined role as of yet, telling Mackey that he’s sampling a few different things.

Archer, now 35, has pitched in 243 major league games, logging 1,357 innings with an earned run average of 3.93. Most of those games were with the Rays, though he has also pitched for the Pirates and Twins. His most recent stint was with Minnesota in 2022, with that club declining a mutual option for 2023, then Archer didn’t end up signing with anyone for the 2023 season.

There hasn’t been anything to indicate he has officially retired but it appears he is at least pursuing non-playing opportunities for the time being. It’s unknown if he has a target area that he will be focusing on with the Dodgers, but he has almost two decades of experience with the league to draw upon, having been drafted back in 2006. He has dabbled in non-playing roles before, having occasionally jumped on some broadcasts as a commentator/analyst at times. That’s something he could perhaps try again in the future but he seems to be getting a feel for front office work for the time being.

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