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Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is dropping his own signature wine


Hall of Famer and Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman is a man of many things. He is (obviously) an incredible athlete. He is a movie star. And sometimes, he’s even a pseudo-politician.

Now, Rodman can add the qualification “wine connoisseur” to his lengthy resume.

The Rebel

Okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves attaching the connoisseur label to Rodman when it comes to wine. He may not be a full-on expert in the craft, but Rodman is coming out with his own wine called: “The Rebel.”

As the tweet above says, Rodman’s wine is a 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. As of writing this, you can buy a bottle of Rodman’s new wine on this website (for 69.99 US). According to the website’s Instagram page, the wine is supposedly in limited supply. So, if you want some, you better buy it now!

Other Basketball Players In The Wine Game

As we highlighted in a recent post highlighting all the NBA players who have their own signature alcohol brand, Rodman isn’t the first athlete to arrive at the alcohol brand party. According to a recent Boardroom Instagram post, ten professional basketball players (NBA and WNBA) have their own wine.

Those players are Rodman (The Rebel), Dwyane Wade (Wade Cellars), CJ McCollum (McCollum Heritage 91), Yao Ming (Yao Family Wines), Carmelo Anthony (VII(N) The Seventh Estate), James Harden (J Harden), Isaiah Thomas (Cheurlin Champagne), Tony Parker (Château La Mascaronne), and Channing Frye and Kevin Love (who own Chosen Family Wines together).

The only WNBA player with her own signature wine is Washington Mystics’ former two-time MVP Elena Delle Donne (Deldon Wines).

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