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Jamahl Mosley: Jalen Suggs plays until exhaustion


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Here’s a couple top quotes from the Orlando Magic’s Jamahl Mosley & Jalen Suggs after Sunday’s 128-116 road win vs. the Indiana Pacers.

(via Orlando Magic):

Mosley on Suggs: “I think he did a great job of following the game plan with Tyrese [Haliburton], was physical. The one thing that was so impressive: He played himself to exhaustion.”

Suggs responds to Mosley’s praise: “I needed a sub today, I’ll tell you what. I almost got a sub at the 8 minute mark. I was gassed. They play fast, but just trying to match that. When you do that and you play against somebody that makes you uncomfortable, won’t go away, won’t quit, you start to question are they ever going to take a step back. And then you start to take a step back, and that’s when you really put the foot on the gas. I think for me playing hard is a standard. It’s not an asset, it’s not an attribute that players have. I think that should be just the bare minimum. I’ve done it all my life, so just trying to continue to be who I am, be what got me to this point, and continue having fun with these boys because we have such a great group. I’ll do whatever for them. I’ll dive on the ground. I’ll get banged up. I’ll play in the paint. I’ll do whatever. As long as we come out with wins and I know I’m doing it for these guys on our roster, I’m cool.”

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