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Jimmy Butler details full circle moment of hating, joining Miami Heat


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When Jimmy Butler signed with the Miami Heat in the 2019 offseason, the photo of a 2013 fashion magazine that shows the star forward’s despise of the team’s jersey went viral around the internet and created hilarious reaction amongst league netizens.

And now, looking back, Butler fully understands that he got a full circle moment with the franchise.

In a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, Butler detailed the reason he noted why he didn’t want to suit up a Miami jersey at that time.

“When I’m coming into the league, the Heat used to beat the Bulls all the time. They did, when they had the Big 3, the Heatles, whatever you want to call them,” Butler said. “So me, getting drafted to the Bulls, it was like ‘We can’t like the Miami Heat. You can’t like D-Wade even though you went to the same school.’

When the superteam Miami Heat was formed in 2010 starring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Chicago Bulls also ascended as one of the premiere contenders in the East which featured then-superstar and MVP Derrick Rose.

The matchups between the Heat and the Bulls were absolutely prime time and feisty, as both clubs eventually met twice in the playoffs from 2011 to 2013. As such, given their overwhelming starpower, Miami went on to win both series as they coasted to become a league dynasty.

Butler, drafted by the Bulls as a late first-round pick in 2011, truly saw the downfall of Chicago multiple times in the hands of Miami which developed that villainous perception against them. But when he managed to share the court with Wade back in 2016-17, situations have finally changed for him as what he further elaborated.

“Then you fast forward and I’m playing with D-Wade for the Bulls and I’m like, ‘This guy is not a bad guy.’ It was Thibs [ex-Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau] that kept hitting me upside my head. 

“And full circle now, it’ll be the last jersey that I [will] wear.”

Butler and the Heat got a massive partnership between them given the hard work, determination and the culture they commonly share. For their fourth year, they will look to finally pick the fruit of their labor and clinch that title they deserve with Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals set on Thursday.

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