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Malcolm Brogdon: “I don’t think you win championships with a better offense than you have a defense”


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Following Monday’s 103-84 Game 7 home loss vs. the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics guard Malcolm Brogdon said that not having a strong defensive identity was the team’s biggest issue in 2022-23.

(via CLNS Media):

Reporter: “When you guys went down to that hole earlier in the series, you talked about how this team has lost its defensive identity and how this used to be a team with a defensive identity, and you guys haven’t really found that identity all year. So you make the comeback off your defense. Then tonight, you’re hurt, JT (Jayson Tatum) is hurt. You guys can’t seem to run consistent half-court offense. Can’t get stops. So why do you think that identity like once again kinda vanished and how big of an issue was that for this team this year?”

Brogdon: “It was the issue. I think this was a team last year that prided themselves on defense. I think defense was our calling card. This year, offense was our calling card. I don’t think you win championships with a better offense than you have a defense. I think pretty much we were the best offensive team in the league, for sure. Depth, you can talk about the ways we can score, our versatility on offense, really 1 through 7, 1 through 8. But defensively, I thought we had the versatility, I thought we had the talent defensively. But on any given night, we would just let go of the rope and have a lot of breakdowns on that end.”

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