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Stan Van Gundy fires back vs Tyler Herro’s IG response, calls new generation as ‘sensitive’


Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

As intense as the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics Conference Finals series is within the four corners of the court, the feisty banter continues for both Stan Van Gundy and Tyler Herro.

On Saturday, the Heat hotshot took a swipe on Instagram to respond against Van Gundy, who roasted his fashion as he continues to support the Heat on the bench while continuing his hand recovery. Herro fought back and went on to point out that his style is as bad as the ex-mentor’s coaching tenure.

In the pregame of the Game 6 between the Celtics and the Heat, Van Gundy, now a TNT analyst, didn’t mince words about Herro’s response as he generalized the new generation as being sensitive and “little soft.”

“Some guys get real sensitive, some of us can laugh at ourselves,” Van Gundy said. “You know, guys have gotten a little soft in this generation now.”

Amid this heckling by Herro, his coaching accomplishment was backed up by Charles Barkley. For the record, Van Gundy managed to be a head coach for 13 seasons with four different teams while compiling a 554-425 record (.566 win percentage). He also guided the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals appearance last 2008-09 campaign.

With Miami and Boston all set up for a Game 7 showdown, it is yet to be seen if both Herro and Van Gundy will also extend their little feud.

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