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Benn Ups The Ante: $10-$15 Million Offer For Gervonta Davis Fight, Or Stay Home?


An annoyed-sounding Conor Benn (23-0, 14 KOs) says his promoter Eddie Hearn offered Gervonta Davis $10 million to $15 million for a clash, and if that’s not good enough for him, he needs to stay home under house arrest.

Sounding a little bit like a spoiled rich kid who has been used to getting his way, Benn wants Tank Davis to accept the offer so they can fight next. Benn’s speech sounded like he was attempting to shame Tank into taking the fight by revealing the offer.

What’s unknown is whether the offer that Benn is talking about is genuine. Hearn hasn’t openly mentioned the money that he offered to Tank Davis.

For all we know, Benn could be just throwing out a bogus number to the media to pressure Tank into agreeing to the fight.

Financial Firepower

“If $10 million-$15 million ain’t enough, then stay quiet, stay at your house with your little tag on your ankle,” said Conor Benn to the media about the offer made to Gervonta for a fight.

It’s no secret that Gervonta has become accustomed to getting large purses and received a fortune in loot from his last fight against Ryan Garcia last April in their mega-fight on Showtime PPV.

Hearn has the money from DAZN to stage a fight between Conor and Tank, but it’s unknown whether it will happen.

Tank, 29, might not be keen on agreeing to a pay cut for a more difficult fight on paper against the bigger Benn than the one he just got against Ryan.

What we often see with fighters coming off massive-money fights is that they only want similar money for their next contest. When that dough isn’t offered to them, they sit inactively, waiting for that money to fall into their laps again.

Ultimately, their skills decline due to inactivity, and their popularity drops dramatically.

When they finally return after a long layoff, they’re not the same fighters and don’t receive the money they requested. In other words, they ruin their careers by becoming spoiled by that one big money fight.

Is the “ankle tag” comment necessary?

Conor’s mentioning of Gervonta’s ankle tag could work against him, angering the superstar boxer and making him less likely to want to take the fight.

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