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Eddie Hearn Reacts To Oscar De La Hoya – Ryan Garcia Exchange On Social Media


By Jake Tiernan: Eddie Hearn was incredulous at looking at Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya’s exchange with his #1 fighter in his stable, Ryan Garcia, last night on Twitter.

Like many, Hearn couldn’t believe De La Hoya would openly criticize Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) on social media about his loss to Gervonta Davis.

Eddie says that De La Hoya should have already attempted to patch up his relationship with Ryan, who is still unhappy about him failing to appear at his post-fight press conference after his loss to Gervonta Davis on April 22nd.

By now, Oscar should have already apologized to Ryan in a one-on-one meeting to admit he made a mistake. De La Hoya said he didn’t attend the post-fight press conference because he had received death threats.

It would have been better for De La Hoya to admit that he made a mistake by not being there. Ryan might have been more receptive to hearing that than the death threat excuse De La Hoya used for his absence.

The Matchroom Boxing boss Hearn states that it was wrong for De La Hoya not to show up at Ryan’s post-fight press conference, and he can’t begin to understand how he would be so thoughtless to do that.

What De La Hoya needed was someone to give him guidance on how to repair his working relationship with Ryan instead of shaming him in public by saying he was “crying” about his nonappearance at the pressor.

De La Hoya should have met with Ryan

“Unbelievable; I’ve never seen anything like it. I mean, Oscar De La Hoya. It’s just an accident waiting to happen. Like what is he doing?” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV bout Oscar De La Hoya arguing with Ryan Garcia on Twitter last Thursday night.

“Firstly, the relationship is so f**ed right now, and everyone knows that; everyone in boxing knows this is ending one way – in the courtroom.

“The one thing you have to do when you see a relationship like that, a professional relationship sliding away, you’ve got to get together, and you’ve got to try and mend that,” Hearn continued about the De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia rift.

“You’ve got to have a plan, but Oscar is so irrational in what he does. You never know what he’s going to do. So Ryan gives an interview where he says, rightfully so, ‘I was upset.’ That’s like having a fight of a massive magnitude.

“Let’s call it AJ against Dillian Whyte, and AJ gets beat, and I don’t turn up to the presser after, and I’ll just go on to a restaurant for dinner. I mean, can you ever imagine? Can you ever imagine me doing that? You just don’t do it, and he had went to dinner, and I know he said he had death threats and all that.

“Who knows? But you don’t. I don’t care. If we had the press and it’s not like a presser in a car lot. It’s a presser backstage. It was in the arena, and someone comes up to me, security, and says, ‘Just to let you know, there’s been a death threat for you.’

“Do you think I’ll go on? I’m not trying to be tough, but it’s not like an environment where you’ve got random people coming up to you; it’s an enclosed environment full of media and, obviously. But that’s part of
this ongoing problem,”  said Hearn.

Is it too late to patch the relationship?

“I just couldn’t believe it, and not [just] one but five Tweets come on you own it. Sort yourself out. It’s just unbelievable, and it looks like the relationship is completely irreparable, but it’s like a comedy sketch,” said Hearn.

“Social media is or has been rather entertaining over the years, isn’t it? You just you know Ryan Garcia is Golden Boy’s biggest client by a long way. So again, that is like me Tweeting AJ after he got beat again, ‘Mate, stop with the excuses, just own it.’

“I mean, one, you never do that; you never throw your client, your friend, whatever it is, out to dry, and you speak to him [like that]. You’ve got a problem, you can’t see him, but it’s irreparable.

“It’s well beyond that, and the rumors have been around for ages about, you know where this is going, and it’s about to explode. So I don’t know. It’s messy and sad,” said Hearn.

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