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Gervonta Davis Vs. Devin Haney Will “never Happen” Says Lomachenko


By Craig Daly: Vasyl Lomachenko thinks that Devin Haney will swerve Gervonta Davis and shoot up to 140 to take easy fights. Loma believes Haney is still shaken from their fight and has lost his desire to chase the big legacy-defining fights.

It’s difficult to imagine Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) passing up a mega-bout against the unbeaten WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champ, especially given how much heat he’s taken from fans since his May 20th victory over Lomachenko.

What makes some believe that Haney doesn’t want the Tank Davis fight is how he called out WBC 140-lb champion Regis Prograis last week. That action by Haney showed that Prograis (28-1, 24 KOs) is the one in his crosshairs, not Tank Davis.

It’ll never happen because now he [Haney] understands his level. Now I think he’ll go up to 140lbs and fight just regular boxers,” said Lomachenko to ESNEWS when asked if Haney would fight Gervonta Davis.

Whether that’s, fear behavior or a move initiated for other reasons is unknown. Looking at how drained Haney appeared during his fight with Lomachenko, it makes sense for him to go all in with his move to 140.

Boxing fans will respect Haney and forget about his controversial win over Lomachenko if he takes on Prograis because that fighter is viewed as the best at 140.

If Loma is right about the belief that Haney recognizes that he’s not talented enough to beat the upper-level fighters, that could make it more likely he’ll take the match against Gervonta next while he’s still in possession of his undisputed championship.

Holding those belts means money for Haney, and if he loses them, he’ll be belt-less and no different than any other contender at 135 or 140.

“Loma won that fight, but you know Devin, he’s not a judge; he didn’t make that decision,” said Floyd Schofield to Fighthype.

“Like I said, people got different opinions. I’ve seen stuff somebody else didn’t see and thought Devon won a fight. So it’s all about everybody’s opinions just floating around.

“It was a highly technical back-and-forth fight. I can’t lie. So there might have been shots I’ve seen, and it might have been shot somebody else seen. But Me personally, I gave it to Lomachenko. My dad gave it 9-3 Lomachenko, though.

“If that’s the case, then yeah, because it’s all about finishing the fight. I necessarily didn’t say that. I didn’t think that Devin started out strong, but I think Devin got the earlier rounds because his punches were more clear.

“Loma got one and three. He [Haney] got two and four. Everything,” said Schofield when asked if he saw anything in Haney that he could capitalize on.

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