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Kell Brook Has Fought Both, “Leans Towards Crawford” Over Spence


Everyone has an opinion on who wins, on what happens when the fight we’ve been waiting for, between rival welterweight champions and pound-for-pound stars Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, gets underway on July 29. Seen by all as a genuine super fight, and pretty much a 50/50 one at that, the 147 pound unification showdown is the biggest fight of the year.

With no confirmed action at heavyweight anywhere near as big or as exciting, it is the turn of welterweights Spence and Crawford to light up the sport, the same was it was back in 1981 when Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns were the stars of the fight of the year. One man who has shared a ring with both Crawford and Spence is former IBF welterweight champ Kell Brook. Brook’s take on who will win at the end of next month is more than worth listening to.

Speaking with Fight Hype, Brook said Spence is the harder puncher of the two, but he says he is “leaning towards Crawford” as the winner.

“I think, after seeing their fight, [Shawn] Porter and Crawford, you’ve gotta lean towards Crawford now,” Brook said. “But styles make fights, Spence is a natural southpaw. So it’ll be very interesting, everyone will still tune in, but I think the way he dealt with Porter, I think you have to start leaning towards Crawford, just because of Spence’s car crash, he had problems with his retina in his eye. I think you’d have to start leaning towards Crawford, wouldn’t you, in that fight. I’d say Spence (is the bigger puncher of the two).”

There are of course so many questions going into this massive fight. Will Spence’s eye cause him any problems? Did that 2020 car crash take a lot out of Spence? Does Spence hit too hard for Crawford? Has this fight come a little too late for Crawford, the older man of the two? Will Crawford-Spence be a great fight?

The skill level on display promises to be something else on July 29, and both unbeaten champions will no doubt be working hard on a game plan right now. Spence has told ESPN that “As soon as I get in the ring I’m stepping [and] I expect him to step too. We gonna put on a great show and a great performance.”

Could this fight shock us and be an immediate, stunning slugfest type encounter? Maybe. Sometimes, big fights do not turn out quite the way we expect them to. Both Spence and Crawford know everything will be on the line in Las Vegas. Just the way it was all those years ago when two of the ‘Four Kings’ gave us their all-time classic. Expectations are high going into Crawford Vs. Spence!

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