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Shields Vs. Cornejo – Tonight’s Live Results From Detroit


By Mark Eisner: Claressa Shields faces replacement opponent Maricela Cornejo (16-5, 6 KOs) tonight in a 10 round bout at the Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit and LIVE on DAZN. Shields (13-0, 2 KOss) will defend her undisputed female middleweight championship against the 36-year-old Cornejo (16-5, 6 KOs) in an event on DAZN that starts at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Boxing News 24 will give live updates & results below of the action.

The Prosser, Washington native Cornejo, comes into tonight’s fight having won her last three contests against lower-level opposition. She has past defeats against these fighters: Alma Ibarra, Franchon Crews Dezurn x 2, Kali Reis, and Tiffany Ward.

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Maricela Cornejo predicts knockout win

“When I got the phone call, I was asleep. I returned the phone call, and I started negotiating. I said, ‘Well, it sounds like they have a problem, so make them make sense, and then we can move forward with that,” said Maricela Cornejo to Secondsout when asked what it was like when she got the phone call out of the blue about the Claressa Shields fight.

“Yeah, so we worked out a deal, and I had the schedule site. Like I said, so I gave that other promoter a call, and he said, ‘Hey, this is a lifetime opportunity. So we’re not mad at that. So go ahead and take it.

“Correct, I was in preparation for a fight that was scheduled for June
6th in Costa Rica, which was going to be Tuesday night fights.

“The preparations that I had to do. I was ready to fight. It’s just the
opponent change. Yes, but the goal is still the same. Go in there
and win.

“We did; we changed a little bit because I was going to be fighting a Southpaw. So yes, there was a change with that, and then the game plan that my trainers set up, I’m ready to execute the outcome on Saturday night.

“I  can’t tell you,” said Cornejo when asked about the game plan for her fight against Shields. “Tune in Saturday night.

“All I’m saying is for those who want to make some money, go out and
put your money on me because come Saturday night, send me a
percentage after as well. I won’t be mad at that, but I love it, and I was aware of it. It doesn’t come as a surprise, and I’m okay with it. I love it
because it doesn’t affect it.

“Nothing is expected, so it’s going to be a rude awakening. I win
on points, or I could see I see a knockout.  Truly, I see a knockout. Will I force it? Absolutely not. That’s the dumbest thing any boxer can do. If I see an opportunity, which there are many opportunities with her, I’m going to capitalize on it,” said Cornejo.

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