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2023 NHL Draft Guide


Consider The Hockey Writers your go-to source for everything related to the NHL Draft and this page your live home page for information on the upcoming 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

Bookmark this page and check back often as it will be constantly updated leading up to hockey’s version of Christmas. THW’s 2023 NHL Draft Guide is your quintessential draft resource featuring:

  • Detailed unique prospect profiles on all the top prospects
  • Mock drafts
  • Exclusive rankings
  • Team specific needs and speculations
  • Looking ahead to the 2022 NHL Draft and beyond

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2023 NHL Draft Rankings

Horn’s Top 100 for May
Baracchini’s Top 96 for April
Little’s Top 16
Forbes’ Top 16

Mock Drafts

Horn’s 2023 Mock Draft 1.0
Horn’s 2023 Mock Draft 2.0
Horn’s 2023 Mock Draft 3.0 (Post Draft Lottery)
Baracchini’s 2023 Mock Draft

The Prospect Corner YouTube Show

2023 NHL Draft- Prospect Profiles

Top 5 Hopefuls

Bedard, Connor
Benson, Zach
Carlsson, Leo
Fantilli, Adam
Michkov, Matvei
Smith, Will

Top 16 Hopefuls

Barlow, Colby
Bedard, Connor
Benson, Zach
Carlsson, Leo
Cristall, Andrew
Danielson, Nate
Dvorsky, Dalibor
Fantilli, Adam
Leonard, Ryan
Michkov, Matvei
Moore, Oliver
Musty, Quentin
Reinbacher, David
Sale, Eduard
Sandin Pellikka, Axel
Smith, Will
Wood, Matthew
Yager, Brayden


Brindley, Gavin
But, Daniil
Cataford, Mathieu
Ciernik, Alex
Dower Nilsson, Noah
Edstrom, David
Fiala, Samuel
Fisker Mølgaard, Oscar
Forsfjäll, Zeb
Gardiner, Brad
Gauthier, Ethan
Halttunen, Kasper
Hameenaho, Lenni
Heidt, Riley
Honzek, Samuel
Järventie, Emil
Kantserov, Roman
Kiiskinen, Jesse
Lardis, Nick
Lind, Kalan
Lipinski, Jaden
Misiak, Martin
Mukhanov, Timur
Musty, Quentin
Nadeau, Bradly
Nelson, Danny
Nilsson, Felix
Nordh, Noel
Nurmi, Jesse
Peddle, Tyler
Pitre, Coulson
Perreault, Gabe
Perron, Jayden
Rehkopf, Carson
Ritchie, Calum
Rykov, Alexander
Sawchyn, Gracyn
Shaugabay, Jayson
Squires, Cam
Stancl, Jakub
Stramel, Charlie
Suniev, Aydar
Terrance, Carey
Uronen, Tuomas
Wahlberg, Anton
Whitelaw, William
Ziemmer, Koehn


Akey, Beau
Allen, Cam
Bergstrom, Arvid
Brzustewicz, Hunter
Cagnoni, Luca
Dragicevic, Lukas
Dvorak, Jakub
Gibson, Andrew
Gulyayev, Mikhail
Kostadinski, Kristian
Leslie, Mazden
Lindstein, Theo
MacKinnon, Dylan
Mann, Matteo
McCarthy, Gavin
Minnetian, Aram
Molendyk, Tanner
Morin, Etienne
Pieniniemi, Emil
Price, Caden
Sandin Pellikka, Axel
Simashev, Dmitri
Strbak, Maxim
Tourigny, Jordan
Willander, Tom


Augustine, Trey
Bjarnason, Carson
Gajan, Adam
Hrabal, Michael
Ratzlaff, Scott

Looking Ahead – Future Drafts

Early Look at the 2024 NHL Draft

Top 5/10 Lists

Draft Coverage by NHL Team (Alphabetical)

Anaheim Ducks

Calgary Flames

Columbus Blue Jackets

Detroit Red Wings

Montreal Canadiens

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

Seattle Kraken

St. Louis Blues

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Underrated Prospects

Player Features

2023 Top Prospect Bedard is Clutch in Biggest Moments
Connor Bedard Off to an Exceptional Start
Adam Fantilli Emerging as Much More Than a Consolation Prize
Meet Matvei Michkov: The Best Russian Prospect Since Ovechkin
2023 Draft Eligible Leo Carlsson is NHL Ready
Will Smith: Skilled and Driven
Axel Sandin Pellikka: Is He Worth a Top-5 Pick?

World Junior Championship Coverage

World Junior Championship All Time Leading Scorers
2023 Draft Players to Watch at the World Junior Championship
Guide to the 2023 World Junior Championship
2023 World Juniors Rosters by NHL Team

Looking Back At Older NHL Drafts

2022 NHL Draft Review

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Islanders’ 2022 NHL Draft Grades
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Previous Draft Guides

Forgotten Draft Picks

Where Are They Now?

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