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Dominik Hasek’s Forced Departure from Czech Hockey Hall of Fame Captured in Heartbreaking Footage


The best hockey goaltender ever born in the Czech Republic is Dominik Hasek. At all times, he proudly displayed the jersey and flag of his nation. However, there is a horrible circumstance going on right now in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Hockey Hall of Fame has been forced to permanently close, therefore some former players are being forced to pack away all of their Hall of Fame memorabilia, including uniforms and equipment.

According to sources, the Hall of Fame has experienced money problems and can no longer afford to run its business. Dominik Hasek and other players have been requested to pick up their equipment due to the closure. Hasek is seen loading his goods into a shopping cart in a video that was uploaded on Twitter.

Translation: Vezina Trophy, jerseys, skates, hockey sticks…Ring for [Stanley Cup…Everything you @hasek_dominik had to pack up and take three shopping carts to the car…It’s not for nothing they say: ‘Who doesn’t appreciate history, doesn’t appreciate himself’…Pry economics reasons… But before the World Cup? It’s hard to recreate something like that.

Although there are speculations that a new site might open up in the future, it’s difficult to see a legend like Hasek pick up his gear in this manner.

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