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Hotel Incident of Valeri Nichushkin Captured on Leaked Body-Camera Footage


In the case of Val Nichushkin and the enigmatic woman discovered in his hotel room, a significant update has just come to light. If you recall, Nichushkin left the Avalanche for personal reasons and never rejoined them during the Avs and Kraken’s playoff matchup this year. We now know even more information after it was later disclosed that a intoxicated woman was discovered in his hotel room.

Brad Changstrom, the team doctor for the Avalanche, is heard telling police the following regarding the guest in Nichushkin’s hotel room in recently released police body cam video.

“We were trying to get her out of the room and she was very clearly intoxicated. Very clearly, I could not send her in an Uber due to her safety.” – Changstrom

The woman discovered in Nichushkin’s hotel room was obviously excessively intoxicated to speak up for herself or defend herself.

She also made an attempt to leap from a hotel gurney and identified herself as a University of Arizona student.

As soon as additional information becomes available, we’ll keep you informed.

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