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Hurricanes Can Make A Bold Move for Mitch Marner


We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Hurricanes and the Leafs team up in a big transaction this summer because they both might require significant changes.

It goes without saying that neither the Leafs nor the Hurricanes can get beyond their respective hurdles. The Hurricanes’ hump comes in the third round, whereas the Leafs’ hump comes in the second round. Many rumors about the core four, including the possibility of moving one of them, have been circulating.

Due to how useful it would be for both teams to make a shake-up; a recent trade proposal has attracted a lot of attention.

Though initially overwhelming, additional consideration leads one to believe that this might be advantageous to both organizations.

The Hurricanes unquestionably receive the best player in the transaction, but they also part with enough assets to make it enticing for the Leafs to make the move.

With one year remaining on his contract, top-4 defenseman Brett Pesce is in the highest echelon. In the bottom six for the Hurricanes, Stefan Noesen, who is on a league-minimum contract but offers a great net front, has finally established himself in the NHL. Seth Jarvis and the 30th overall pick are the two most significant assets that have the most potential. Jarvis, a promising two-way forward, concluded the season playing on the top line for the Hurricanes and contributing significantly to the penalty kill. In a strong draft class, the 30th pick may be anyone, including a future star.

The Leafs could resign Michael Bunting or possibly another player like Tyler Bertuzzi if the Hurricanes took on Marner and a total of $5 million in contract space in addition.

The Hurricanes receive the consistent Selke candidate in exchange, and a player who has scored 90+ points three times will become their best offensive option right away and could significantly improve their top six.

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