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Latvia World Championship Team Being Looked Into Over Sponsorship Controversy


The Latvia National Team, a dark horse that won a remarkable bronze medal at the 2023 World Championships, is apparently in danger of a dispute over a sponsorship matter.

The emblem of the betting corporation OlyBet, whose marketing of gambling is illegal in Finland, was featured on the sponsored jerseys worn by Team Latvia.

Although it is unlikely that Latvia or OlyBet will be prosecuted, the IIHF may enact stronger gambling laws in light of the recent controversy surrounding the promotion of gambling, which raises the possibility of addiction.

In European sports, betting sponsorships are common. In the most recent English Football Premier League season, 8 teams were sponsored by betting services.

Although Latvia cannot be held responsible for its sponsor, it is unclear what will happen as a result of this and how it would affect international hockey betting. However, there is little doubt that this will be a long-lasting and divisive issue for many.

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