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NHL Rumors: The Calgary Flames coaching search


Donnie & Dhali: Elliotte Friedman on the Calgary Flames coaching search

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Don Taylor: “Hey Elliotte, another name that’s popped up, not in a management role, another name that popped up regarding the Calgary Flames is Travis Green. Former Canuck head coach.

What can you tell us about him?”

Friedman: “Well I think he’s going to be in the mix for the head coaching job there, but there’s gonna be a lot of competition.

I think for one thing Donnie, they have a two-time AHL coach of the year there in Mitch Love. They have to decide if he’s their guy or not. You’re at a point where, you know the old line, ‘beep, or get off the pot.’? They’re kind of there. What else can Mitch Love do in their organization?

I think also they got a couple guys there, Ryan Huska and Kirk Muller, have been on the bench that they’ll look at.

Andrew Brunette, their No. 1 priority is getting Jonathan Huberdeau going and Andrew Brunette is a guy who knows Huberdeau really well. Had real success with him.

The other guy I’ve heard, I’ve mentioned him a couple times now is Alex Tanguay. Who was a really good offensive mind who played with both (Jarome) Iginla and Conroy.

So, I think Green will be part of this conversation but I think the competition going to be very stiff. I know Green is anxious to get back in. I know he’s really competing and I think a lot of people do better in their second chance than their first. And I know he’s on their radar.

TSN: Darren Dreger on Tuesday on Insider Trading on the Calgary Flames coaching search.

“Now, it should come as zero surprise to anyone out there that Gerard Gallant, who was let go by the New York Rangers, will be considered a prime candidate in Calgary. Of course, he’s got the history with Jonathan Huberdeau – and the Flames very much need Huberdeau to be comfortable and to be productive next season.

But it’s not just Gallant, they’ll interview other candidates; they’ll go through an exhaustive process and they’ll also look internally as well. Mitch Love had a successful season as head coach of the American Hockey League’s Calgary Wranglers so I think he’ll get a good look as well.”

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