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NHL Rumors: The Dallas Stars, and Jason Spezza


Keys to the offseason for the Dallas Stars

Ryan S. Clark and Kristen Shilton of ESPN: The Dallas Stars won’t have a lot of salary cap space to work with, but will they be able to re-sign trade deadline acquisitions and pending UFAs Evgenii Dadonov and Max Domi? Both contributed to the Stars getting to the Western Conference Finals.

The Stars have seven pending UFAs and only one RFA in Ty Dellandrea.

It they could move out some salary, but they could fit in one or both of Dadonov and Domi.

Free agents and cap projections

2023 UFAs – Evgenii Dadonov, Max Domi, Luke Glendening, Fredrik Olofsson, Joel Kiviranta, Joel Hanley, Alexander Petrovic, Riley Barber, Will Butcher, Tanner Kero, Ryan Shea (Group 6), Riley Tuft (Group 6), Fredrik Karlstrom (Group 6), Rhett Gardner, Ben Gleason (Group 6), and Jerad Rosburg.

2023 RFAs – Ty Dellandrea, Niklas Hansson, Adam Mascherin, Nicholas Caamano, Oskari Laaksonen, Scott Reedy, Marian Studenic, Riley Damiani,  Dawson Barteaux. Adam Scheel, and Matthew Murray.

2024 UFAs – Joe Pavelski, Colin Miller, Jani Hakanpaa, Scott Wedgewood, Ryan Shea, and Samuel Laberge.

2024 RFAs – Nils Lundkvist, Thomas Harley, Matej Blumel, and Oskar Back.

What’s going on with Jason Spezza?

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Apsveicam on Jason Spezza.

** transcription

Marek: “I want to get to the Maple Leafs here in a couple of moments but one person I do wonder about, and I think we all do as well if Kyle Dubas goes, does this person follow and that’s Jason Spezza.

I also do wonder about Brandon Pridham and I wonder about Wes Clarke and we’ll get to the Leafs in a second here, but is it a foregone conclusion that where goes Dubas sp goes Jason Spezza?

Friedman: “The one thing about Spezza is, I don’t know if he’s going to move. Like his family is pretty ensconced. That’s a good word.  Ensconced in the Toronto area.

So I think Spezza could in terms of, he goes with him from an organizational point of view but I don’t know if anyone’s certain that he’s actually going to physically pick up and move.

One other thing about Spezza is Jeff, the timing of his resignation in Toronto has people wondering if initially, he was the plan, the organizational plan to take over as interim general manager after Dubas left.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get confirmation on that, but certainly, that’s one of the theories.

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