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NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs – Treliving, the Core Four, Shanahan and Dubas


Shanahan has already met with Brad Treliving

Darren Dreger: The GM interviewing process for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Brendan Shanahan is still early. Shanahan has already met with former Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

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Toronto’s core four all thinking they’ll be back next year?

SDPN: Chris Johnston on how they the Toronto Maple Leafs core four forwards could all be back next season.

“What’s interesting to me is that Brendan Shanahan phoned each of the Leafs top players last week to share the news about Kyle Dubas and that those players came away from those conversations believing that Brendan Shanahan’s intention is to bring the entire core four back.

Now that’s not written in stone and obviously we don’t know who GM is. Maybe the new GM has a new, has a different perspective on that.

But I do think it’s interesting that as much as we’ve focused on the possibility for change, maybe even the need for change, that those players actually believe that they’re going to be back together. At least at this point in time.

I was a little surprised by that. I mean, just because there had been so much talk, and obviously even Kyle Dubas had opened the door on his last Monday press conference, saying that everything would be on the table if he was running the team.

Well, Brendan Shanahan is the top voice in the hockey department and, you know, I don’t know if he gave assurances or promises, you know, we might get into semantics here. But certainly those players, I don’t think, are bracing to be traded now, even as much speculation is out there.

It just seems that they believe the organization wants to move forward with them as a core four. So that, that’ll be something to watch.”

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What happened behind the scenes?

Daily Faceoff: Frank Seravalli on what he thinks happened behind the scenes with Kyle Dubas and Brendan Shanahan.

** transcription

“That at least what I believe happened behind the scenes is that Kyle Dubas made a push to get Brendan Shanahan out of hockey operations and decision making. That he wanted complete and full autonomy and that this was a sort of power struggle that took place.

I mean, how else do you explain the reaction? When have you ever seen the detail to that magnitude laid out in front of you in a press conference?

Pure timeline, and even including things such as, ‘Kyle sent me an email and said he would like to stay.’ Like he was even blowing him up on the idea that he sent an email.

Who sends an email to keep their job?”

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