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Patrick Roy Rumors Gain Momentum as New York Rangers’ Coaching Search Continues


There have been rumors about Patrick Roy returning to the NHL for many years. He returned to the QMJHL to coach the Quebec Remparts, who are now vying for the Memorial Cup, after a brief stint in Colorado.

Roy is once again the subject of rumors that he may return to the NHL following yet another stellar coaching season under his belt. Every organization seeking for a head coach wants to find the greatest candidate there is.

The most recent rumor is really plausible.

After deciding to fire Gerard Gallant, the Rangers are currently searching for a new head coach.

Patrick Roy reportedly adheres to all of the Rangers’ requirements, according to a source on Twitter:

“NYR wants that passion that Torts brought those years, someone who’ll hold players accountable, someone who hates losing, someone who’ll bring a new feel to the team. Roy fits all.”

Roy is renowned for his ability to play with emotion and his fierce competitiveness.

But now that Roy has spent so much time away from the NHL, we have to wonder if he really wants to return?

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