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Philadelphia Flyers are officially open to trading Carter Hart


Carter Hart is officially being considered for offers, according to Flyers general manager Daniel Briere.

Hockey in Philadelphia was originally thought to be saved by Carter Hart. Although his career has been rocky so far, he has largely shown improvement since joining the NHL in 2018.

The Flyers have a ton of goalie depth and might be in a position to deal Hart for a king’s ransom.

Daniel Briere said on WIP this morning that Carter Hart “would most likely be our goalie of the future.”

Briere: “Now, I’m not in a position to turn down anything. If there’s teams calling about him, we have to listen. That’s my job as a general manager, I have to listen. I have to do what is best for the team and the organization. In saying that, I expect Carter Hart to be our goalie for many years to come.”

At the moment, the Flyers’ goalies are Hart, Felix Sandstrom, Samuel Ersson, Alexei Kolosov, and Ivan Fedotov. Each of those players has participated in NHL competition or is anticipated to do so.

There will be numerous teams interested in Hart’s services, but Buffalo and Edmonton are the two we anticipate pursuing him the most. Buffalo needs a great goalkeeper to be a contender, but Edmonton, with reliable goaltending behind Connor McDavid, might be the favorite to win the Stanley Cup.

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