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Pointless Organizational Decision Leaves Fans Roasting the Team


NHL teams regularly use a variety of tactics to boost their revenue. One such tactic entails adding a third jersey or changing their primary jerseys.

People are baffled by the Philadelphia Flyers’ most recent shift, though. For the upcoming season, the Flyers intend to switch up their uniforms. Well….Sort of…

Fans of the Flyers may exhale easily. The changes being made are not significant but rather subtle. The primary change is a little deepening of the team’s current orange color pattern on the sweaters.

The Philadelphia Flyers disclosed the following in a message posted on social media:

“We are thrilled to announce that the Flyers will be refreshing their primary uniforms and colors. As confirmed by a source from Icethetics, our team is prepared to revamp its identity with an updated color scheme and redesigned home and road uniforms. Our jerseys will revert to a former, darker shade of orange. The newly revised uniforms will draw inspiration from retro design elements, featuring wider sleeve yokes and minimal waist striping.

Hints of this change were already visible when we updated our social media branding with the darker orange shade. For those interested in the specific color details, the transition is from Pantone 172 to Pantone 173.”

Even though the changes are small, they can have a big impact on the fans because some might not like the new appearance. However, as the logo and general design continue to commemorate the team’s history, fans shouldn’t be too angry.


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