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McGregor hits Monaco in his ‘supercar of the sea’ yacht for F1 Grand Prix


The F1 Monaco Grand Prix is going down today (Sun., May 28, 2023) at Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo (and La Condamine) and Conor McGregor has rolled up in his $3.5 million Lamborghini Tecnomar yacht to enjoy the festivities.

McGregor is just one of many celebrities in the tiny micro-state tucked into the southern coast of France ready to enjoy some high-end racing action. Other A-listers sighted thus far include Tom Holland, Orlando Bloom, Chris Rock, Neymar and Kevin Durant, among others.

McGregor is paying a premium to have his yacht tucked arse-in along the racing course so he can enjoy several seconds of race cars zooming past. His yacht is undoubtedly fancy and it very well could be the fastest in-dock (it’s called the “supercar of the sea” for a reason), but it is dwarfed by some of the other baller boats there. The biggest yacht in port is the 414-foot $285 million “Octopus” yacht owned by pharma executive, Roger Samuelsson.

Pictures of McGregor getting lit on his Proper 12 whiskey at afterparties are already floating around, as well as pics of a seemingly hungover “Notorious” sitting at his deck table eating pancakes.

But, don’t think he doesn’t know what’s what when it comes to F1. Mac was in Monaco last year, taking pictures with Haas drivers Mick Schumacher and Kevin Magnussen.

“I am here for team Haas,” he said. “I put my confidence in the team after today’s qualifying round. The cars are exceptional and I am rooting for Haas.”

Even though Haas is having a rough go at things in Monaco, it still looks like McGregor is enjoying himself. Maybe a bit too much? We imagine what Michael Chandler is up to these days and have to wonder how all this high living will affect “The Notorious” upon his eventual return to cage fighting in late 2023.

McGregor and Chandler served as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 31, which will air on ESPN/ESPN+ this week (Tues., May 30, 2023).

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