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Video: Fighter scores super rare one-punch KO from bottom of full mount | KSW 83


The mixed martial arts (MMA) gods provided one of the rarest finishes you will ever see earlier today (Sat., June 3, 2023) at KSW 83 from inside PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland, when former professional boxer, Krzysztof Glowacki, stopped inexperienced heavyweight, Patryk Tolkaczewski, with a first-round knockout. It wasn’t an ordinary knockout, though, as Glowacki scored the final blow off his back while being in full mount.

Both heavyweights were making their professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debuts on Saturday, but Glowacki had a clear experience advantage based on his professional boxing background. The Polish striker had produced a 32-4 record throughout his professional career with key matchups against the likes of Oleksandr Usyk, Maxim Vlasov, and Steve Cunningham.

When the action started it didn’t take long for Tolkaczewski to implement his grappling and get Glowacki to the ground. From there, Tolkaczewski worked his way into full mount and was landing heavy ground-and-pound to put Glowacki’s MMA debut in jeopardy. That’s when Glowacki came out of nowhere with a perfectly-timed left hook off his back to catch Tolkaczewski and stop him in his tracks.

It is easily one of the most surprising knockout finishes you’ll ever see and one of the rarest stoppages in recent memory. Check it out in the above video player.

Glowacki, 36, certainly wasn’t dominant in his MMA debut, but getting a win in this fashion will go a long way for the heavyweight fighter in a promotion like KSW. The former professional boxer will need to work on his ground game moving forward if he’s going to give himself more chances to land his heralded punching power.

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