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Video: Taiyilake Nueraji faceplants Han Seul Kim with brutal standing elbow strike knockout


It may be a slow weekend for combat sports but Taiyilake Nueraji did his best to go viral after delivering an absolutely devastating knockout during his fight at the Road to the UFC event on Saturday.

The finish happened in the second round as Nueraji was caught up in a heated exchange with opponent Han Seul Kim with both fighters launching bombs at each other. The furious pace continued with the fighters content to stay only a few inches apart as they kept firing back-and-forth.

The end came after Nueraji backed off Kim with a pair of push kicks and then he just stepped into the fray again except this time he unleashed a vicious elbow strike. The clubbing blow blasted Kim and sent him crashing face first down to the canvas as the referee wasted no time stopping the fight.

Nueraji leapt to the top of the cage while letting out a guttural scream to celebrate his knockout victory, which definitely came in stunning fashion.

With the win, Nueraji moves to 9-1 in his career with all of his victories coming by way of knockout and his fight with Kim serving as only the third time he’s ever made it out of the opening round.

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