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Antonio Brown Won’t Play For Albany Empire Saturday Night


If you were itching to watch Antonio Brown play another down, albeit in a different league, you’ll have to wait at least one more week. Brown will not be active for tonight’s Albany Empire game, according to WNYT’s Rodger Wyland.

Wyland says the paperwork for Brown’s physical did not get completed in time and he will be inactive for tonight’s game.

Wyland later tweeted out the active roster which also showed Brown on the team’s inactive list.

All week, the Empire teased Brown’s return to the football field. He suited up and practiced throughout the week but his nature of being late to things cost him again, rendering him ineligible to play. The Empire square off against Fayetteville Mustangs at 7 PM tonight.

Brown owns the AFL Empire, though the degree of his ownership has been questioned, and has overseen his team go through many bumps this year. The team has had multiple head coaches along with accusations over players not being paid on time. 

Brown hasn’t played a football game since the 2021 season when he stormed off the field mid-way through a game as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Empire are 2-3 on the season. Following tonight’s game, they aren’t scheduled to play again until Friday, June 9th against the Orlando Predators. Presumably, Brown’s paperwork will be cleared up by then though two weeks is a longtime in AB’s world.

UPDATE (8:11 PM): Brown declined a pre-game interview to clear up his situation.

UPDATE (8:37 PM): Wyland offers additional reporting, saying the AFL Commissioner told him owners can override the delay in paperwork, meaning Brown could’ve played in tonight’s game.

Evidently, the commish is not happy with Brown’s latest saga.

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