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Source – Car used by Steelers’ Kenny Pickett stolen, recovered


PITTSBURGH — An SUV being used by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett was stolen — and recovered — earlier this week, a source told ESPN, confirming a report by WTAE. The team’s playbook was also recovered with the vehicle.

Pickett was making an appearance at a car dealership near Pittsburgh on Wednesday when the theft occurred. The car was recovered by police less than 30 minutes later.

Not only was the second-year quarterback temporarily without his wheels, but he was also briefly separated from some very important study material. The Steelers’ playbook was in the SUV, the source said, but was recovered with the vehicle.

A man was arrested in the theft, WTAE reported, citing court records.

Monroeville police did not return calls requesting comment.

Now Pickett can study the offense before the Steelers’ second set of OTA practices Tuesday, and offensive coordinator Matt Canada can enjoy Memorial Day weekend without rewriting his entire scheme.

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