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Wattlisberger? Thursday Night Football Makes Graphic Gaffe With T.J. Watt


This is one of those moments you really can’t explain. You’re just going to have to look. During Amazon’s Thursday night broadcast between the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals, a pivotal AFC North showdown, the production crew posted a graphic of how tight the divisional battle is.

They used a photo of a star player for each team. Lamar Jackson for the Ravens, Joe Burrow for the Bengals, Myles Garrett for the Cleveland Browns and…T.J. Watt for the Steelers? Uh, kinda. 

As you can see in the photo above and Dave Bryan’s enhanced tweet below, it seems the crew didn’t have the right photo for Watt. So it seems they photoshopped Watt’s head on Ben Roethlisberger’s body and ta-dah, there’s your new T.J. Watt.

It’s T.J. Watt if he skipped leg day. And arm day.

It’s likely they had a photo of Ben Roethlisberger stored in their archives and worked with what they had, putting Watt’s face on there instead and changing his jersey number from seven to 90. As a result, you get Watt if he was the Flat Stanley version of a football player.

A silly moment that obviously means very little. But a funny one all the same. We’ll see if the graphics department corrects things for the Steelers’ second appearance on Thursday Night Football when they host the the New England Patriots December 7.

Back in reality, the Ravens knocked off the Bengals 34-20 Thursday night, maintaining their first-place hold on the division. Both teams suffered key injuries in what turned out to be an injury-plagued contest. Baltimore TE Mark Andrews is expected to miss the rest of the year with an ankle injury. On the other side, Burrow suffered a wrist sprain that knocked him out before halftime while the Bengals may have also suffered serious injuries to CB Cameron Taylor-Britt and DT B.J. Hill.

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