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Player ratings: Middlesbrough u21s 3-2 Manchester United u21s – Man United News And Transfer News


Manchester United u21s fell to Middlesbrough away on Friday night despite initially taking a two goal lead. Here are our player ratings for the match.

Read the detailed match report of all the action here.

(A score of 6 is around average)

Elyh Harrison – 6.5 – Had a few good passes but due to the poor pitch his passing wasn’t relied on as much as usual. Despite conceding three goals, he made no glaring mistakes but he could have adjusted his positioning slightly quicker after Curley’s back pass giveaway on Boro’s first.

Sonny Aljofree – 7 – Did well covering the right side of defence with not a great deal of help from Missin and even did well getting forward in attack down the right channel.

Tom Huddlestone – 6 – Rolled back the years with some of his passing and ball control but really couldn’t keep up with the speed of Boro’s attackers which left big gaps for their second and third goals.

Sam Murray – 7 – Was strong defensively and linked well in tandem with Amass on the left side and was composed in possession. Terribly unlucky on the deflection for Boro’s third after initially defending the attack well.

Ashton Missin – 6.5 – Took his goal well and was dangerous with his runs down the right wing but his delivery was poor more often than not. Understandably, his defensive positioning and awareness in the unusual wingback role were not great.

Harry Amass – 8 – Debut at u21s level but you wouldn’t have known it. Just as he slotted into the u18s, he fit in seamlessly even in an unusual five at the back formation. He displayed good physicality with his shielding and muscling bigger Boro players off the ball. A typical Amass performance in possession with extreme composure and ability to turn out of the press. Got better and better as the match wore on and was thriving down the left wing until Boro resorted to hacking him down, one of which was lucky not to be a straight red card.

Zach Baumann – 8 – United’s best player in midfield, he was the only one capable of getting his foot on the ball and turning the play upfield. He was also very good defensively in the deeper role despite normally operating further forward. Going forward he came close with a good long range attempt and opened the play up with both driving runs and passes.

Maxi Oyedele – 6.5 – Made some explosive runs through midfield when the space opened up or there was a loose ball but he should have offered more control in midfield as the most experienced of the three.

Ruben Curley – 5.5 – Had a better second half when he pushed a bit further forward and got into left half space to link with Amass and McNeill but he had little impact in the first half until giving away a poor backpass for Boro’s first.

Ethan Wheatley – 6.5 – An improved performance physically at the u21s level with good hold up play which led to an assist but poor finishing squandered a big chance he was on the end of.

Charlie McNeill – 7.5 – One of his best performances at u21s level. Looked like he discovered a new turn of pace and caused havoc popping up on either side to run the channels and created both of United’s goals from the left wing. The duel striker partnership with Wheatley suited him as well having previously struggled as a lone man. He also worked hard pressing from the front and chased back to final minute.


Jim Thwaites – 6 – A few very elegant touches of the ball but didn’t have a huge impact.

Ethan Ennis – 6 – Good to back on the pitch after a series of lengthy injuries and made some good runs.

Victor Musa – N/A – Didn’t have much time to make an impact in the dying minutes.

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