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Boston Management Eyes Bringing Back Former Bruins’ Goalie


Trading Linus Ullmark might be an answer for the Boston Bruins, who have been having trouble controlling their salary cap. Finding a qualified substitute who can bring both competence and affordability is vital for the team. Daniel Vladar, a former Bruin, could be a standout choice.

During his debut season in 2021, Vladar had the chance to wear a Bruins jersey. Although he only played in five games and finished with a 2-2-1 record, he showed flashes of his promise. Unfortunately, he was eventually sent to the Calgary Flames for a third-round NHL draft pick.

The Bruins might be wise to re-acquire Vladar to serve as Jeremy Swayman’s backup. Vladar not only has the abilities to help the squad, but his cap-friendly contract is also enticing. Vladar’s contract, which pays him $2 million over the next two years, enables the Bruins to keep a strong depth in goal while also freeing up the needed cost space.

In addition to addressing the team’s current cap issues, bringing Vladar back to Boston would provide them with a young goaltender who can help them succeed in the upcoming seasons.

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