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Leon Draisaitl May Not Sign Extension Right Away in Edmonton


Don’t Expect Leon Draisaitl To Extend Right Away with the Oilers

TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joined TSN Radio in Toronto and was asked about Leon Draisaitl and the possibility of him signing an extension when July 1 rolls around. Transcription****

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Jeff O’Neill: Edmonton’s rolling through town on Saturday night, and I think Draisaitl can start negotiating on July 1. Is that correct?

Darren Dreger: Yeah, that’s right.

O’Neill: What the hell is that guy gonna like, is he just gonna be able to write a number on a piece of paper as far as what that might look like? Because, and I’m not gonna get into McDavid and Draisaitl, look elsewhere, but that guy can write a number down on a piece of paper. Can’t he?

Dreger: Agreed? Yes. And look historically. You know, I think when Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews extended back in the day with the Chicago Blackhawks, those mammoth $10 million per year deals. If memory serves, I think that was 14% of the team salary cap each player got right?

Well, start doing the math on $87 and $90 plus million and what the percentage looks like for Leon Draisaitl. If he wants 14, 15, or 16% of the salary cap. Those are big, big, beefy numbers. Is he worth that? He is to me. Absolutely is worth that.

Can the Oilers afford to pay him? No. It’s going to be probably the top talking point in the National Hockey League on July 1 and after July 1 until he signs an extension, if he signs an extension. I think the chances of him signing in Edmonton next summer or this coming summer are… I just don’t think it’s gonna happen that quickly.

The Oilers will have the appetite for it. I just I don’t see Draisaitl doing it. I don’t know why he would do it. So I think this could be fascinating to see how this plays out and how drags on.

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Bryan Hayes: “Yeah, well, that’s exactly what it will be if it drags on. You know, it’s gonna get really loud and naturally in in Edmonton, I think they’re sensitive to it. I think most Canadian markets are. He’s not a Canadian, not from Edmonton, and he’s a great player.

And we’ll see what happens in the playoffs again. Ultimately, playoff success or failure can factor into all of this, including how fans might feel about something breaking out or what the numbers could be, or what have you. But I’m with you like if he shows up at the camp next year, and I’d say I’m planning this out. That’s gonna be incredibly loud, and I’m sure he is aware of that, or someone better tell him because that’s everywhere he goes, he’s gonna be asked about it.”

Dreger: “He’s a confident and ornery dude, though, Brian. He’s not going to be afraid of the question. At one point, probably soon, if that’s how it plays out, he just drops the hammer and says, I’m not answering that question anymore. You can ask it, I understand, I’m just not answering anymore.

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I mean, again, we’ll be talking about this in the next big story, and I probably got to go here, so I won’t drag it out. But we talked about the idea of salary cap in the postseason, and there’s going to be more discussion on that among the NHL general managers in the near future here.

But the next biggest story, if not bigger than that story, is the tax implications. And all the organizations in the States that have that advantage, and that matters in a big, big way that matters. So Draisaitl likely put himself in a position to consider one of those markets, and who wouldn’t take him? They’ll find a way.”


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