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Robin Lehner Faces New Wave of Legal Troubles


The injured goalie Robin Lehner is up against yet another challenging legal situation while the rest of his Vegas Golden Knights colleagues are in the Stanley Cup Final.

You may recall that Lehner suffered hip surgery, which caused him to miss the whole 2022–23 season. Many are wondering why the team acquired him at the 2020 NHL Trade Deadline given that they already had the adored veteran Marc-Andre Fleury in net, given his erratic health and uneven play in goal since moving to Sin City.

In addition to declaring bankruptcy, Lehner immediately faced fraud accusations from Aliya Growth Fund, a creditor in his bankruptcy case. There are now even greater legal concerns.

Businessman Michael Borden, who recently filed a case in U.S. Bankruptcy court over a $4 million debt, is now accusing Lehner of fraud. He claims that despite being provided with accurate information showing that the company wasn’t profitable, he financed Lehner $3.5 million to invest in a venture known as SolarCode.

According to the complaint, Lehner “made a series of misrepresentations regarding the state of the technologies, that SolarCode technologies were operational complete and functional, that SolarCode technologies were complete and certified by Black & Veatch, that the royalties being paid and payable by SolarCode were being processed.”

Lehner, according to Borden, took out a second loan of $500,000 for personal use, promising to repay it in two months once his paycheck for the next hockey season began. He claims he was unaware of Lehner’s millions in unpaid debt and never would have approved him for the loan had he been.

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