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Ticket prices for 2023 Stanley Cup Finals are revealed; Would you go?


The Stanley Cup final, which begins on Saturday in Sin City, will feature the Florida Panthers versus the Vegas Golden Knights, it was announced on Monday night.

The Panthers will host at least Games 3 and 4 of the series, and Matt Levy of the New York Post has released the ticket prices. The Panthers had a lower average home attendance than the Columbus Blue Jackets this season. It will come as a surprise, especially to local Panthers supporters who often can attend a game for under $20 during the regular season:

“The cheapest tickets available we could find at the time of publication were $349 before fees on Vivid Seats for a game at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena.

Ticket prices start at $424 before fees at Sunrise, FL’s FLA Live Arena.

Want to go to a game?”

Some seats in Florida can cost up to $830, while the price for the championship Game 7 in Vegas may exceed $1747.

Would you shell out this much money to watch the Panthers and Golden Knights face off in the 2023 SCF?

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