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League reports say that the NBA is exploring a new rule


The NBA is always evolving and that means new rules are being implemented and changed. Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes says the league’s competition committee “is in serious discussion” about changing the challenge rule. Currently, coaches have one challenge to use each game. Their new rule would allow the coach to have a second challenge awarded to them if they get the first challenge correct. 

Back in the 2019-20 season, the NBA introduced the coach’s challenge rule on a one-year trial basis. In December 2020 the board of governors made it a full-time rule. Hayes noted that a test run of this new rule could be implemented in the summer league.

If all goes well during summer league play with the new rule, expect it to be a part of the NBA moving forward.

The league could implement a new coach’s challenge rule for next season

In the current system, plays eligible for review include a called foul, out-of-bounds calls, goaltending, and basket interference. Coaches only have one challenge per game and that has made the use of them rather conservative. A number of coaches hardly ever use the challenge in the first half.

The proposed rule change would have a massive impact on the strategy of how they are used. Awarding a second challenge if the coach gets the first one right is a great twist to the league. There is no significant risk in a coach’s challenge and that’s why the competition committee is in serious talks.

This rule change is meant to benefit the players and coaches. It will not disrupt the way the game is played at the moment and the new system helps the league as a whole.

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