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Valeri Nichushkin’s NHL Career has been decided


Since a mysterious woman overdosed in his hotel room during round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Valeri Nichushkin’s future in the NHL has been quite dubious.

According to reports, the Colorado Avalanche have decided what will happen to one of its star players.

After a peculiar occurrence in which the player left his team in the middle of the playoffs and did not return, there was a lot of talk that Valeri Nichushkin might never play in the NHL again.

According to a source from Russia, Nichushkin will play in Colorado this coming season.

“As [] learned, forward Valeri Nichushkin will continue to play for Colorado in the next NHL season. This question has never been questioned within the club, despite the history that occurred during the playoffs.”

It’s unclear why Nichushkin abruptly quit the team. No one would divulge his whereabouts or an estimated time of return. During the Avs first round series against the Kraken, a woman who had been drinking extensively was reportedly found in his Seattle hotel room.

The caller reported that the woman was barely awake and appeared to be slipping when they dialed 911. The woman allegedly informed the police she was born in Ukraine but was from Russia. She said she regretted ever coming to the US and that someone had taken her passport.

With 47 points in 53 games this season, Nichushkin has been an essential part of the Avalanche. He tallied 15 points in 20 games during the Avs Cup run the previous season, demonstrating his value.

Nichushkin has completed the first year of an eight-year contract that he signed in 2022 and is earning $6.125 million annually.

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