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Buffalo Bills trading QB Josh Allen is a crazy idea


Former NFL wide receiver and FS1 Speak analyst James Jones had a lot to say during a recent segment about the Buffalo Bills’ championship window and the franchise’s future. We’ve heard rumors for some time concerning Stefon Diggs being unhappy, and after Monday night’s loss and brother Trevon’s live tweet session, his days look to be numbered in Buffalo. Jones also mentioned that he thinks the Bills will move away from Allen as the team’s franchise centerpiece.

“I think Josh Allen will eventually be traded from the Buffalo Bills,” Jones said.

The Diggs part of this equation is totally on point. It feels like he’s on his way out, it’s just a matter of who wants him once the season ends, and there will be plenty of suitors. However, Allen is a more complex situation for Buffalo. This franchise spent two decades trying to find a quarterback to fill the shoes of Jim Kelly.

Allen isn’t perfect, but he’s too good of a talent at the position for the Bills to give up on just yet. Sure, he leads the league in interceptions, but he’s also tied for the lead in touchdown passes.

Trading Allen is most likely a move Buffalo would reflect on with regret. At 27, Allen still has plenty of good, productive years left ahead of him. Jones also mentions the organization possibly bringing in another head coach. Sean McDermott’s been there since 2017 and the window with him leading the way has been slammed shut. It’s time to move on and bring in an offensive coach running the show for Allen.

Because of all the drama and lack of chemistry on offense, it is time to make some changes. Diggs no longer wants to be there, from all indications. His brother wasn’t on social posting those comments during the Bills-Broncos game for no reason. If Stefon wants out, the Bills should grant him his wish, get some draft picks in return, and move on. Let McDermott set off on a new journey and bring in his replacement.

But this talk about trading in Allen is far too premature. Franchise QBs don’t come along often unless you’re the Green Bay Packers, who went from Brett Favre right into Aaron Rodgers.

They’re finally finding out what it’s like to worry about that position, week to week. The Bills still have a team full of talent on both sides of the ball, and yes, some changes are needed, but not at their most important roster spot. It’s simply too soon to even consider trading Allen unless you’ve got a sure thing lined up to replace him. 

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